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Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 11:02 am
Yes Bitches, Im back with some new, or maybe some old, photo's of old people with canes. I know I have been missed, so I shall start with my favorite old guy. Here he is in all his glory, Old Faithful!

As you can see, he has changed his shirt, finally. You may ask what exactly he is directing? I can only assume it is the music that only he can hear.

Here is another regular, although he hasnt been waving his cane, which is disappointing. If you look carefully you can see his cane hanging on the railing.

I took a hit for the team when taking this photo. I was carrying probably 4 pounds of just out of the steamer seafood, yet I couldnt let this ol' betty pass without taking her picture! So as I was burning myself I snapped this lady who not only needed the assistance of a cane, but also the assistance of this other woman. Fun!

Old Canes Jun. 23rd, 2005 @ 12:33 pm
So today we have recieved some help from a new source, Lauren's mom! Here is the proof:

Im told that this lady does have a cane, but we cant see it. Quite the sporty outfit though.

If I was this fella I would be more careful where I put my cane. He should be scared about falling through the grate. Or is that just me hoping that he does. Yes, I know, I am horrible.

Quite obvious why this guy has a cane - he's got a crick in his back.

He looks like my 7th grade English teacher Mr. Smith, who always wore bowties. This guy doesnt have a bowtie:( Mr. Smith taught me that the word breakfast comes from the idea that the first meal of the day breaks the fast that one goes through while sleeping.

Obviously this guy is Ben Franklin. Sure we all thought he was dead, but clearly he isnt.

And here is his close-up, proving that he is still alive, kicking, screaming, eating (a lot), and utelizing his trusty cane. I can only assume that good ole' Ben has serious knee problems. Hell, it takes a lot of food to feed Ben Franklin. Look at that tummy! Now I have seen girls with tummy's that stick out farther then their tits, but this guy's stomach sticks out farther than his knees!

This is Robert Morris. He was a man of wealth and integrity during the time of the Revolutionary War. He was the first Secretary of the Treasure, but more importantly, he has a cane!

Skimmer Photos Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 03:02 pm
This past weekend my woman and I went to Sea Isle City to escape from the usual pre-summer boredom that Philly provides. Every Summer Sea Isle has this event that they call Skimmer, where vendors set up shop along the boardwalk (although it isnt really a boardwalk since it is all concrete) selling all sorts of worthless crap. Since I dont purchase crap, I spent the time taking pictures of all the old people with canes.

Too tired to walk, even though she has a cane to help her with the hefty deed.

Notice the concrete, obviously not wood. Fancy shorts

Remember those blue shorts? That guy behind her sure has a fancy shirt!

Yep, I have decided to embed myself in these pictures. Look, it's me with a person who has a cane! Yes, I look retarded. No, I wasnt intentionally making a face. No, that is not how I normally look. Stop harrassing me!

Her cane is almost hidden amongst the shadows, but it is there.

There's me, and there is the lady with the previously hidden cane.

Nice old fella walking along with his old wife. Oh, he has a cane

Me standing behind the happy couple.

Me where I belong, behind an old guy with a cane!

Peek-a-boo, there I am!

This guy was nodding off while I was being my dispicible self watching him sleep with his cane.

Ok, I realize that this site is called old men with canes, but how could I not have a picture of me waving a cane at all you horrible, horrible do-gooders?!?!

Lunchtime Walk-About Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 02:37 pm
It seems that someone else other than myself has taken to this obsession of finding old folks with canes and photographing them. Ok, this person is my girlfriend, but hey, at least I can say that I am not the only one with this affliction, if you can call it that. Here are some of the photos she took yesterday while walking around during her lunch hour.

See, old people like walking with their arm behind their back.

Who is more scared, this guy, or the birds?

Snazzy blue pants, but it clashes with his black cane.

Snazzy blue pants, even across the street!


Straight out of Tom Sawyer. Just needs a piece of grass in his mouth

Matching your hat with your jacket is a lost skill.

The Reading Terminal Market is full of old people with canes

I'll take whatever goes best with this moo-moo

Oops, dropped a penny.

Time to go!

Where does one aquire such a smashing hat?

She could be singing in the rain, if it was only raining. Still, her hat rocks, even from close up!

First Submitted Photos Jun. 13th, 2005 @ 02:28 pm
Yes folks, we have some more new cane photos, and I didnt take them! They were submitted by a loyal reader (ok, I give, it was my girlfriend Lauren who submitted these, but it is good to see that someone else has gotten into the spirit!).

This man clearly (or not so clearly, since his cane is barely visible) only needs a cane to support all the extra weight he is carrying around because of his (unseen) wife's obsessive purchasing! This just proves that women lead to the early death of (most) men.

This fella never worked out a day in his life, which is why his legs are as thin as toothpicks (just exactly how are his socks still above his ankles?) But he wanted to give us all, the viewers of this great site, the impression that he was a rough and rugged individual in his youth, which is why he is wearing what looks to be a flack jacket and an Indian Jones hat. Stylin' fella, stylin'! PS, love the man purse.
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» Who Knew Canes Were So Much Fun?
Ok, I know that I said that this was going to be a journal dedicated to old men waving canes, but I have realized that any old person with a cane is damned funny (yes, I also realize that my taking these pictures and laughing will also lead me down the road of needing a cane when I become old and decrepite. I am willing to take that chance because it is so worth it.) That being said, here are the photos of this update:

I found this guy limping along on my way home this past Friday afternoon. I tried taking his picture from my car, but I just kept missing. After driving around the block a couple times I finally parked and tracked him down, taking this picture just as he put his arm behind his back (why do old guys walk like that? Is it practice for speed skating?)

This lady was crossing the stree in Chinatown, Philly, and I couldnt resist!

Yes, this guy doesnt have a cane, but he is selling roses in the middle of a highway and wearing a Daniel Boone Racoon Skin hat on a 92 degree, humid as shit day!

And finally we have the man that I will, from here on out, call "Old Faithful." He has been outside every day recently because of the increased heat, which is good for me, and all of y'all. Enjoy!
» More!
Ok, same guy, same outfit, different day, same outcome: an old guy waving his cane in the air!

Here he is AGAIN, and again it is on a different day! This guy really likes to get out there and wave that fucker around!

And just to prove that there is another old guy out there that waves his cane, here is a picture! Ok, I havent been able to catch him with the cane up in the air, but trust me, he is a cane waiver! Sooner or later I will catch him!

» The Beginning
I suppose my fascination with a waving cane began when I was a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania. See, on the last day of school every year comes a celebration called "Hey Day," when the Juniors officially become Seniors. On that day every Junior gets (purchases, rather) a red shirt with some design on it (done by the senior class board, which I was a part of! Look at me being all political), a hat similar to the one worn by the Music Man, who came to fame in a musical of the same name, and a bamboo cane. Needless to say, everyone is drunk and canes eventually become weapons while the hats usually become anything from a form of defense to an edible treat. As the Juniors make their way up Locust Walk they stop at the administration building and the President of the University, who at the time was Judith Rodin, makes a speech and declares the drunken sea of red as the next senior class. Before she could finish her speech though, my idiot friend standing next to me through his cane at the president. Thankfully (or unthankfully as the case may be), Ms. Rodin looked up at the most opportune moment and dodged the cane, unfortunately, this story is neither here nor there.

It has been seven years since that incident, yet now canes are a part of my everyday life. Not because I have a cane - because I do not have one - but because each and every day that I drive home from work I pass more than one old man who sits outside his house and waves his respective cane at the passing cars. Here is a picture of one of the old guys that I took with my camera phone. This is the best shot I have so far, but dont worry, more will come!

If you find yourself approaching an old man waving a cane and happen to have a camera or camera phone handy, please snap the photo and send it here!
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